Inpact Artist Gallery

We have a long history of shows during our years at the Tri Main and we support mostly women artists, but also do accept work by men and also memberships from men at this time.

New Show coming up

Our gallery will be showing work at 515 Main Street Gallery this month. We will have a one week show from Sept. 9 to Sept.16. The gallery will be open on the night of “Curtain Up” and hope many people will stop by to see work by our members. It is a short time for the show but we are pleased to be a part of the activities downtown on that evening.

Gallery has no Home

Our gallery, the Impact Artist Gallery, does not have a home base any longer. Future shows will be planned for other gallery spaces in the future. We are sorry to have to leave our space after many years, but it was no longer financially possible to continue. We are still a group, but will need to do some reorganization.

Vintage Images:Reborn

Our last show of the season is now on view. We have a lovely selection of work for this theme and had a reception and awards given on May 6th.

We are now at Casa de Arte on  141 Elmwood. It is a big yellow house with a large gallery in the back. You may also use the parking lot behind the house on week ends and evenings. There is a door to the gallery near the parking lot and also on the other side of the gallery if you walk down a driveway to the entrance.

Here are some of the works from the show.

Color-“A Life of it’s Own” Now showing

Artists with work in this show

Kath Schifano

Diane Menchetti

Maureen Maattews

Heather Johnson

Sylvia Kleindinst

Eileen McNamera

Michele Agosto

Mary Jo LaClair

Barbara A Lynch Johat

Wilma Schutt

Shane McGaughey

Aileen Gonzales

Rick Williams

Anthony Melice

Jessica Normille

Sheri Boncaldo

Julie Foster

Vivir Sano

Julia Finucane

Andy Schefler

Robert Peterson